Baby Videos

Speaking for the Unborn, both the Book and Video Teaching Series, contain beautiful and moving videos of the unborn (both embryos and fetuses).  

These videos are included so that the viewer fully appreciates the stunning detail of the developing unborn child at each stage of development.  

So very often, these beautiful videos surprise people — people, who until the moment they see these videos, had always believed such living beings were fully disposable.    

Please download these videos to your phones and be ready to share them with friends and family members. They are a deeply moving testament to the reality of the living unborn child and the truth of abortion.

Videos like these often change hearts in a manner that clever words or arguments never will. 


Heartbeat First Trimester

Live Ectopic Pregnancy @ 8 Weeks

MRI @ 20 Weeks

MRI @ 24 Weeks

MRI Twins @ 20 Weeks

Thumb Sucking @ Week 12